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Aromatherapy massage seems to enhance relaxation in children with burns: An observational pilot study

"Aromatherapy massage seems to be a helpful nonpharmacological approach to reduce hospitalized paediatric burn patients’ distress"



A Systematic Review on the Anxiolytic Effects of Aromatherapy in People with Anxiety Symptoms

"It is recommended that aromatherapy could be applied as a complementary therapy for people with anxiety symptoms."


Pregnancy Anxiety Reduction/Relaxation:

Effects Of Aromatherapy For Self-Care During Pregnancy

"This study revealed that it is effective to recommend self-care using aromatherapy with essential oils containing linalyl acetate and linalool for the purpose of reducing anxiety and providing relaxation over the long term during pregnancy."


Sleep Quality:

Effect of aromatherapy on the quality of sleep in ischemic heart disease patients hospitalized in intensive care units of heart hospitals of the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

"Quality of sleep in ischemic heart disease patients was significantly improved after aromatherapy with lavender oil. Therefore, using aromatherapy can improve the quality of their sleep and health."


Stress and Blood Pressure:

Aromatherapy Benefits Autonomic Nervous System Regulation for Elementary School Faculty in Taiwan

"In Taiwan, working stress is increasing among elementary school teachers""Results showed that there were significant decreases in blood pressure, heart rate, LF power percentage, and LF/HF"


Menstrual Pain:

Effect of Aromatherapy Massage on Dysmenorrhea in Turkish Students

"This study showed that massage was effective in reducing dysmenorrhea. In addition, this study showed that the effect of aromatherapy massage on pain was higher than that of placebo massage."