Mondays: 4.30-7.00pm; Tuesdays 9.30am-12.30pm; Wednesdays 11.30am-2.00pm; Fridays 10.00am-1.00pm

with Sam May & Tom Kennedy

Treatment duration: approx. 40 mins

Cost: £20 - £40 (pay what you can)


What is 'Acupuncture for All'?

Generally in the UK, acupuncture tends to be offered privately on a 1-1 basis for a treatment session lasting up to an hour with prices ranging from £30 upwards to £100+. This type of treatment suits a lot of people who can afford to pay this fee on a regular basis and offers the person the full attention of the practitioner as well as total privacy and confidentiality. However, for a lot of people this fee is only affordable for a short time, now and again, or as a one off treatment.  This means that not all people will be able to afford enough regular treatments to achieve better health and to keep healthy. Acupuncture works on a continuous basis so each weekly treatment builds on the previous one.  Some people then reduce their treatments to fortnightly and then monthly to maintain their health.

Acupuncture for All is based on the multi-bed principle whereby a number of people are treated in the same room, or in a couple of rooms, with the practitioner moving between each room.  Acupuncture practitioners can offer this service in this group setting due to the fact that once the points have been needled, the needles can be left in and the person can relax and  absorb their treatment whilst the practitioner treats another person. Although the amount of space and time available to talk with the practitioner is greatly reduced, and the practitioners attention is spread over 3 or 4 people, this is reflected in the cost of treatment. Treatment can be kept low cost as the practitioner is treating more than one person in an hour’s slot and therefore the cost of a one hour treatment is shared between a few people. In addition rental costs are reduced which further reduces the cost of treatment.